1-on-1 Sessions

  • After completing your contact form:

    • Phone discussion reviewing immediate and ultimate goals.
    • Analyzing what hitter deems to be current strengths and weaknesses.
    • Understanding of current situation
    • Proprietary data will be used to put together a business plan for the specific athlete.
    • Scheduling of 4 & 6 Day Sessions
  • 4 & 6 Day Sessions

    • Presentation of personal business plan along with player discussion and input to fine tune the goals and route Hennigan and you take
    • Video and testing
    • Thorough explanation of how your time spent working with Hennigan will be spent, exactly what will be accomplished, and how it'll be accomplished
    • Unique methods with supporting technology allow for quick gains and improved body awareness
    • Innovative drills and simulations allow for instant feedback and constant development

You know you're better than the numbers you've put up in pro ball. Let's go. This is where you and Hennigan really get down to the good stuff. You’re so close.  You’re a couple gaudy stat months away from getting that 40 man call.  Even if you’re an Indy ball guy, (Dan knows the grind, he was in the Atlantic League, American Association, and affiliated baseball) you’re not that far away.  Trust it. An Indy guy can go from one solid season that earns him a winter ball gig, tears it up and gets an invite to spring with an affiliate.  Low A guys have a hot three weeks, move to high A, and finish the season strong.  They get Rule 5’d and boom they’re getting an opportunity to prove themselves at the Big League level.  There's thousands of routes.  You just haven't found one yet.  Dan Hennigan can show you YOU'RE route.

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The major issue is you have to differentiate yourself. It’s all part of the cutthroat culture. You battle alongside your brothers to win, all while battling within your team to earn your innings and get that next call up. You’re often forced to root for AND against your own team. That’s not your fault. That’s the environment that was created. So you must be able to check off each of the desired categories that your specific organization values. In some unfortunate situations, you not only have to check those skill and statistic boxes off, but you must check them off more impressively than the next guy who also checked them off! It’s hard.

Dan's been there. He knows the grind. And through his learning experiences and his constant desire to learn, he knows how to get you, and your very specific skill set, to climb that affiliated ladder. Through mechanical adjustments, motion adaptations, mental approaches geared exactly to what you and Hennigan need to see improvements in, velocity alterations, live pitching at-bats etc. you will learn more truly applicable information in this visit than you ever have before. You will leave the session possessing your clearest route to the Major Leagues.