Tailored For Your Path to the Highest Level


Dan Hennigan's


Wherever you are currently at, Dan Hennigan will customize his program to break down exactly what will get you and your specific skill set to that next level.


Ready to start your journey to the top?


What's your current playing level?


Don't you find it weird that a coach would demand their version of mechanics without taking into consideration your strongest movement patterns or your most coordinated body functions?

Do you feel like your coach is forcing his product on you instead of tending to your specific situation?

From detailed, player specific, mechanical breakdowns to in-game strategy to pre-game visualization and mental preparation, Brain&Barrel's comprehensive approach will help capitalize on your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and tailor it's program directly to YOU.


Word On The Street

I was reluctant to try someone new at first. Especially since I had some success in my life hitting. But after getting my video analysis, I was super pumped to work with him. I had a buddy with the Rangers that was already working with Dan and told me how legit he was so that just made me that much more excited. So when I finally got to work with him, I hit better than I ever have before and that’s when I knew he was the real deal
— Matt D. Blue Jays

The Brain & Barrel Process

Diagnostics & analysis are incorporated into a proprietary grading system to establish a baseline. Will help customize the training based on your individual needs. 

No two sessions are the same.  No two clients will undergo identical training.

Advanced supporting technology and best-in-class methods are incorporated into your sessions to maximize impact and achieve optimal results.