Pro Opportunities

Here's what's going on at Brain&Barrel this year for Pros...



The Ultimate Move:

  • 4 & 6 day sessions where Dan Hennigan comes to you or you come to him

  • 90 minute sessions offered individually

  • Full business plans to solve exactly what is preventing you from moving up and a personal, detailed, game plan from Hennigan for getting you back on the fast track within your specific organization.

  • For the most serious of players with the loftiest goals

Winter Meetings

5 day workshops. Limited slots to keep things focused and personal. Here's what is included:


  • Hotel accommodations
  • Brain&Barrel gear
  • 30 minute Video Analysis
  • Player-specific drills to take back with you

    Spring Training Tune-up 

    Begins 14 days before MLB pitchers and catchers are scheduled to arrive.

    Hitters come and go for as many days as they’d like, hit for as long as they want, and work on whatever they and Hennigan feel is most necessary.

    • Hotel accommodations
    • Stay 3 days get gear 
    • Stay 5+ days get gear plus video

    College Athletes


    My final year of D1 College Baseball, I hit .373 with 17 2B, 5 HR, SLG .612. I won All-CAA as well as All-Region. I just wish I found Dan sooner.

    Greg o. University of Delaware


    High School Athletes:


    It’s time to put yourself on the map. Instead of going to a million money-making camps that can’t even provide a personalized follow-up email, think about what can get you remembered. Hennigan will do what it takes to have college coaches seeking YOU.  

    • A college investment that's worth it.

    • 4-6 Day Sessions with comprehensive assessment and development geared directly towards dominating the competitive high school landscape and earning the perfect college situation

    • Personal college recruiting coordinator who will be your adviser and your advocate

    • Brain&Barrel's 12-point grading system that will evaluate your abilities and allow college coaches to see what you're made of