What players are saying...

Justin B.  Atlanta Braves

"I have worked with big name coaches before, nearly everyone that teaches high level hitting. From California all the way to New Hampshire, I was always in search of perfecting my swing and approach. He doesn’t compare, because in my honest opinion he is the best. His knowledge of not only the swing, but how the body works and moves in relation to that swing is incredibly impressive.  And that's just the mechanical side of what he does.
Dan has played high levels of baseball. He is a competitor and doesn’t like to lose.  He considers you an extension of himself so he demands you compete as well.  He understands what the feeling is like when you miss a 95 mph fastball down the middle that you should’ve crushed. Also what makes him unique is the fact that not only is he your hitting coach, but he becomes a great friend, someone that actually cares about you and your career and getting the most out of it. He becomes invested in each hitter and is constantly in touch with them regarding approach, mechanics etc. "

Tyler C.  Arizona D'backs

"To put it in simple terms it's like hitting with one of your teammates. He knows what he's doing so there's no wasted time and he's just ingenious with his methods. He keeps it loose and fun.

What's makes Dan unique is that he provides you with truly elite approaches and mechanics toward your hitting goals. Something as specific as breaking down the mental approach to a specific location or how your body needs to move on a certain pitch. He helps you understand the mental and physical side of hitting so much more in depth than any other hitting coach I have worked with. More specifically he worked toward my needs and not just throwing drills at me like a conventional hitting coach would. We communicated and went to work on what we both thought I needed to improve on. After I was done with Dan's four day session, I felt like I walked out a better and smarter hitter."


Zach M.  New York Mets

"Dan doesn't make cookie cutter athletes. Each plan implemented for an athlete is specific to their body’s capabilities. He knows what it takes to create successful hitters against the best pitching and he takes that knowledge and finds how your specific body can make it happen instead of forcing you to do something that he teaches everyone else.
I have worked with big name coaches both on a private level and at a professional level. In no sense of exaggeration Dan is the best hitting coach I have ever worked with. His ability to truly care about other individuals and their success was what really impressed me. Not only was I able to get a top line hitting coach who understands the game of baseball, but a lifelong friend as well."