My Approach

Finding exactly how YOUR body performs best and utilizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.  This is tailored directly to what creates your best path to the highest levels.




Video, Strength, and Performance diagnostics will be used to decipher what needs improvement.

For instance, high school athletes hoping to be college prospects will take advantage of Hennigan’s 12-point grading system.  This will be implemented to build a baseline.

We will then work physically and mentally to improve those grades.  Over the course of our work, we will utilize drill work, video analysis, simulated and live situations, and mental preparation in order to improve holistically.


The program is geared specifically for the individual. 

No two sessions are the same. 

No two clients will undergo identical training. 

The purpose of Hennigan’s early diagnostics are to find the exact course of action for most substantial and efficient improvement.

Some hitters require elasticity in order to create explosiveness while others utilize their genetic tightness in order to create most efficient torque.

chalk board art.png



Using the best methods and advanced supporting technology, this style of training was adapted to maximize impact and help deliver optimal results.


Next Level Diagnostics


Next Level Diagnostics is a 12-point system grading factors like: hand-eye coordination, lower half strength, plane-matching abilities, and mental approach.

This grade will put you in a position to leverage your improvement into larger scholarship money, or earning a starting spot on a competitive high school roster.  Regardless, this final score can be sent out to college coaches across the country who not only recognize the scoring system, but value the information. 

Dan Hennigan’s influence with coaches is in direct correlation with the trust they have in his reports and advice.

Your grades will be sent out to the schools that match your goals, wishes, and skill set, and with PLAY TO WIN fighting for you to get the opportunities and exposure you deserve, this is the ultimate way to take control of your future.