Tom Brady had Tom Martinez.

Dirk Nowitzki has Holger Geschwindner.

Michael Phelps has Bob Bowman.

The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, has Glen Mills.


Most top-caliber athletes reach the highest level with the guidance of a great private coach.

Regardless of what stage of your baseball career you are in, whether you are a professional athlete or in high school seeking to get into a college program, you need a great coach too.

Matt D. (Blue Jays)

Matt D. (Blue Jays)

Justin B. (Braves)

Justin B. (Braves)


You know how every golf and tennis player you see on TV has a swing/strategy coach within ear shot?  Well, the best hitters have them as well. 


These coaches are useful.  A lot of them have attained a great deal of information.  Some have found interesting pieces of the puzzle and have created their own methodology.  They then sell that new method as a product of its own.  These are the rare Chip Kelly’s of hitting coaches. 

They are unique, brilliant, and obsessed with a few aspects of the swing.  They have become experts in these pieces and when the hitter’s body fits exactly that methodology, great things can happen.  But do all bodies move that way?

In reality, there’s a good chance that a majority of body types aren’t even meant to move that way.  They may not be strong in that position.  For instance, Miguel Cabrera has poor hip function.  He still puts up video game numbers! 

But what would happen if, as a youngster, Miggy went to a coach that demanded Cabrera fix his lower half actions to fit that specific method for fear that he’ll never succeed?  Would he still be triple-crown winning Miggy?  No hitter and no human body is exactly the same. 

These Chip Kelly’s are extremely intelligent and valuable, but when creating a product, no different than any other business, that product has a specific market and doesn’t fit everyone. Often, clients just move on to another Chip Kelly with knowledge of a different product or method and hope that this next one will work and the hitter will achieve their desired statistics.  These guys are great to use and great to learn ideas from, but relying on them to make you better is a gamble. Unfortunately, there are only a few Chip Kelly’s out there. 

The majority of coaches accept money from people only to repeat verbatim what they have heard from others.  They either reiterate what they heard as they were growing up or what they heard from coaches they respected and they repeat exactly that information to their hitters. 

Most of these guys go on social media, recognize the amount of followers and views and likes and retweets and whatever else that the Chip Kelly’s get and they pick one of those specific methods and copy it directly.  Often times, not even fully comprehending what the original product seller had intended.  Then they post their gifs and videos on social media and get likes and retweets and the echo chamber grows and grows until the social media stratus validates them as a good hitting coach.  They then claim expertise and charge a premium.

Finally, there’s the guys working at your franchise, big-box gym, type of baseball facilities.  These are the guys who want the player to get some practice in.  They want the player to have fun and enjoy the game.  That’s a win for them.  Any improvement from the player is simply a bonus.

Now, hitters and parents of hitters, this is what you’re dealing with.  This is the massive money-making jungle that is baseball instruction.  This is what you have to weed through! 

So if you’re serious about your success and you have the passion and desire, you need someone that already did the weeding.  Someone who values the Chip Kelly’s for what they’re worth but also has his own proven awareness on what creates the top hitters.  Someone that has experience against the best players in the world; who has sought the right answers from all types of people, whether they be on a field, a weight room, or a lecture hall, and has a full understanding of the constants that create success.  Someone who has various tactics and techniques in order to get every type of hitter to improve.

When the Patriots had their epic 2017 comeback Super Bowl victory, Bill Belichick employed aspects of his hurry-up offense that Chip Kelly taught him.  It was just one tool in his toolbox that he happened to need in those moments.  He hadn’t used it in multiple games. 

Once their initial strategy proved ineffective, the Patriots applied all the information they had available.  Instead of continuing to force one method, they adjusted and they won. 


Joey E. (Age 9)

Joey E. (Age 9)

Tyler C. (D'Backs)

Tyler C. (D'Backs)

Christian C.  (Age 10)

Christian C.  (Age 10)


You and Dan Hennigan will win too. 

If you are truly trying to reach the next level, you need someone who can utilize great information that same way the Patriots did.

Knowing when to use which tool, having the competitive drive to make sure that every hitter is a success story, and having the awareness to recognize when a hitter needs a new cognitive and physical approach is how Dan Hennigan can make this type of claim. 

You and Hennigan will win. 

The two of you will use whatever tools from the toolbox you'll require.  Wherever you’re currently at, you and Dan Hennigan will do what it takes for you to reach that next level.


What players are saying...

Justin B.  Atlanta Braves

"I have worked with big name coaches before, nearly everyone that teaches high level hitting. From California all the way to New Hampshire, I was always in search of perfecting my swing and approach. He doesn’t compare, because in my honest opinion he is the best. His knowledge of not only the swing, but how the body works and moves in relation to that swing is incredibly impressive.  And that's just the mechanical side of what he does.
Dan has played high levels of baseball. He is a competitor and doesn’t like to lose.  He considers you an extension of himself so he demands you compete as well.  He understands what the feeling is like when you miss a 95 mph fastball down the middle that you should’ve crushed. Also what makes him unique is the fact that not only is he your hitting coach, but he becomes a great friend, someone that actually cares about you and your career and getting the most out of it. He becomes invested in each hitter and is constantly in touch with them regarding approach, mechanics etc. "

Tyler C.  Arizona D'backs

"To put it in simple terms it's like hitting with one of your teammates. He knows what he's doing so there's no wasted time and he's just ingenious with his methods. He keeps it loose and fun.

What's makes Dan unique is that he provides you with truly elite approaches and mechanics toward your hitting goals. Something as specific as breaking down the mental approach to a specific location or how your body needs to move on a certain pitch. He helps you understand the mental and physical side of hitting so much more in depth than any other hitting coach I have worked with. More specifically he worked toward my needs and not just throwing drills at me like a conventional hitting coach would. We communicated and went to work on what we both thought I needed to improve on. After I was done with Dan's four day session, I felt like I walked out a better and smarter hitter."


Zach M.  New York Mets

"Dan doesn't make cookie cutter athletes. Each plan implemented for an athlete is specific to their body’s capabilities. He knows what it takes to create successful hitters against the best pitching and he takes that knowledge and finds how your specific body can make it happen instead of forcing you to do something that he teaches everyone else.
I have worked with big name coaches both on a private level and at a professional level. In no sense of exaggeration Dan is the best hitting coach I have ever worked with. His ability to truly care about other individuals and their success was what really impressed me. Not only was I able to get a top line hitting coach who understands the game of baseball, but a lifelong friend as well."
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Are You a Good Candidate?


A good candidate to inquire services is someone who loves the game; someone who recognizes their own potential and, with it, their perpetually unfinished journey to realize it. 

Someone who refuses to accept just being good.  Someone who needs scholarship money and leverage in order to attend their dream school.  Someone who can visualize playing at the highest level and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there.  Someone who hates to lose. 

This is for those who take the game seriously and want to be as good as they possibly can.  This is for those who want no regrets about where their baseball career led them.

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