Beginning with Video Analysis

Comprehensive Brain&Barrel Video Analysis
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Required: Swings from side angle and from home plate/umpire angle, other angles encouraged but not required.

  • 30 minutes of thorough, in-depth video, showing your swing up against top hitters.  
  • Slow motion breakdowns filled with examples, easy to understand analogies.  
  • Explains what the hitter does well and what the hitter needs to work on.  
  • Includes drills to improve the issues at hand

You’ll learn more about yourself and understand more about the swing from this video than you have learned in months.  You need to see yourself.  You need to make sure that what you think you’re doing and what you’re actually doing align.  You need to understand exactly what it takes to match what the best hitters can do on a baseball field.  

These videos have proven to consistently result in the most rapid understanding of what needs to be addressed and fixed from Hennigan's clients

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